X-ray of patient

If you have had x-rays prior to setting up your first appointment with Dr. Holloway, please bring them with you. If you've had an MRI or any other extensive imaging, please make sure that you at least bring the report to your appointment (you may also call your other health care provider and get them to fax that information to us).

In most cases, patients show up to their first chiropractic appointment having had no imaging done on their injured region. If so, it is very likely that Dr. Holloway will take some x-rays at Holloway Chiropractic. Not every patient requires x-rays to be taken; however, if you are over the age of 30, have radicular pain (pain referring from the spine down your arm or leg), or have had trauma, you can expect at least one basic x-ray series to be performed.

Average out-of-pocket (the patient does not have insurance) cost for a basic x-ray series of one region is $90 to $100 at Holloway Chiropractic.

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